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Brownies at the Great Bath

Children’s pages

Explore our children's pages to find out more about the history of the Roman Baths.

Image: Belator and Apulia who appear on the audioguideSalve! That's 'hello' in Latin!

We are Belator and Apulia and we'll help you to discover more about the Sacred Spring, the Temple of Sulis Minerva and Roman Bathing here in Aquae Sulis, the Roman name for Bath.
Try out the children's audioguide when you visit to hear our stories. You can now book a children's party at the Roman Baths too.

Have fun online with our virtual hoard!

You can join in with the Beau Street Hoard online, have fun uploading your face and text onto your own Roman coin.
You can add your designs to our virtual hoard, and share them with friends.

Play our interactive game, Roman Rush!

You are the Aquae Sulis tax collector. Collect the money bags from the five merchants before they spend their denari. Game created by Bath Spa University for the Roman Baths.