Beau Street Hoard

This unique hoard was excavated by archaeologists on the site of the new Gainsborough Hotel in Beau Street, Bath in 2007 and is one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries to have been made in Bath in recent times. The 17,577 silver Roman coins span the period from 32BC – 274AD and were found in eight separate money bags, which were fused together. Conservators at The British Museum had to extract each individual coin in a delicate process which they recorded in a fascinating time-lapse photographic record which you can see on the British Museum blog.


On 5 March 2014 B&NES Council was awarded a grant of £372,500 from The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to purchase the hoard and from January 2015 it will be on permanent public display in a new interactive exhibit within the Aquae Sulis Gallery at The Roman Baths.


But you don’t have to wait until then to see these extraordinary coins. Visit our Events Page to see what's on. The Beau Street Hoard project includes an exciting range of hands-on coin activities, designed to encourage people’s understanding and interest in archaeology and local heritage. Events include drop-in workshops with coin handling, mobile road shows to locations across Bath and North East Somerset, new educational resources for young visitors, long-term projects with community partners and a range of public talks, presentations and symposia. There is something to interest everyone, from the casual visitor to the coin expert.


A selection of coins from the hoard is displayed in our free, temporary display in the Sun Lounge, just off the Pump Room in The Roman Baths.


If you run or belong to a community or local history group and would like an illustrated talk on the hoard, with an opportunity to handle coins, please contact us on 01225 477773.


Look out for Beau the Hippo, flagging up events on the site.

Beau Street Hoard press release

Beau Street Hoard on the road press release


Beau Street Hoard Events


Beau Street Hoard Roadshows

Find out how the hoard was discovered, look in detail at some of the coins and make a replica coin to take home.

8 November, 11.00 - 4pm and illustrated talks at 11.30am and 2pm, Paulton Village Hall.


Beau Street Hoard Talks                                                                

Find out about this amazing hoard of Roman Coins in illustrated talks by members of the Roman Baths team.  If your group or society would like a talk please contact or telephone 01225 477773.

3 November 2014, 7.30 pm at Church Room, Church Street, Pensford, next to the former Church of St. Thomas a Beckett. Kindly hosted by the Pensford Local History Group.

4 November 2014, 7.30 pm, organised by the Shoscombe School Friends at Shoscombe School, Shoscombe.

27 January 2015, 7.30pm at Patchway Library, Rodway Road, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5PE. Kindly hosted by the Southern Brooks Archaeology & Local History Group.


Children's event

Top of the pops - Part of Heritage Open Week

Monday 27 October to Friday 31 October 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm Make marvellous pop- ups using characters from our amazing hoard of Roman coins.


Beau Street Hoard Symposium

Wed 22-Fri 24 April 2015

The Assembly Rooms and Roman Baths, Bath

Free 2 day symposium about the Beau Street Hoard, preceded by a free lecture by Richard Abdy, Curator of Coins and Medals at the British Museum. Click here for more information and to book a place.


Find information on accommodation in Bath here

For help with booking and for information on student bursaries please call 01225 477757.

Download The Beau Street Hoard Symposium leaflet here


From Rome to Explorium - A poem written by pupils from the Explorium Creative Learning Centre, Somerset.


Inside many pockets,

Touched by many hands.

This coin has travelled far and wide,

Over many lands.


I was formed in the Earth,

Dark and delicious.

A nugget of silver,

Shiny and precious.


Rinsed in the river

And dried in the sun.

Taken to the city,

My journey begun.


Melted by fire,

Moulded and shaped,

And then all of a sudden -

I have a face!


That's when my journey truly began,

Across an ocean with a massive span.

On my way to England I made lots of friends

Whilst cruising across the river Thames!


I was carried in a leather pouch

Amongst many others.

I wonder what's become

of my little silver brothers?


Given in payment to a Roman soldier

Who was later killed by a massive boulder...


I was stolen by a thief

And spent on beer and wine.

My life got quite exciting

for quite a long, long time!


I was dropped into a puddle.

I was picked up once again.

I was flipped and glinted in the sunshine,

I was soaked in pouring rain.


I saw wars and I saw battles.

There was peace and quiet as well.

I once lived in a farmer's field.

Once down a mine I fell.


I travel to Somerset in a large silver chariot,

and into the hand of a small girl named Harriet.

She picks me up, only to cry,

‘It's amazing! I wonder, what did this buy?’


I belonged to a rich man,

who lived in Bath, a famous town.

He put me in a treasure chest.

Again I'm buried deep, deep underground.


Jostling, clinking,

In deep darkness tinkling.

A year, ten, hundreds, then thousands more.

Hidden underground. A treasure hoard.


Silence, dark silence, then

Scrape, scrape, scraping, and movements again.

A voice.'Look at this!', 'Wow! What a sight!'

On the move again as we're all taken up again, into the light.


I am held in a hand, a real, warm hand

and then into a box with a tinkle I land.

I am cleaned, I am scrubbed, I am washed, I am dried,

To get placed in a new box's inside.


Matt and Liz brought us all of this way

And we ended up at Explorium today.

Our journey's been amazing, we've made front page news.

Our path brought us to you. Our adventure continues.


Coins from the Beau street hoard




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