Bath Time Travellers - Bronze Age
A hoard of Bronze Age metalwork was found near Batheaston in 1894. In the collection was a torc which is a piece of jewellery that was worn as a necklace. Learn how to make your own torc in this activity.

Bath Time Travellers - Normans
Keynsham Abbey was destroyed by Henry VIII during the dissolution of the monasteries 1536-1541. However, there are some beautiful items from the Abbey in the Roman Baths collection. Have a go at making some tiles like the ones from the Abbey.

Mindful art activities
Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you have lost track of time, only concentrating on the activity? That could be described as a form of meditation .

Traditional meditation focusses on the body and breathing, emotions and thoughts.  By creating art and focussing only on the process and moment, we can have fun, and forget about the ‘end result’.  Try out these activities and you may find that you start to relax, and enjoy the movements your brush or pen makes, the mixing of colours and the making of marks.

Caesar's Secrets
Although Julius Caesar never came to Bath, the Roman Baths would probably not exist in the way it does today without him.  He was the first Roman to invade Britain. Have a go at using the Caesar Code and see if you can decode the message!

Roman Festivals - Goddess Flora
This is the story of the festival of Flora. The Romans called it Ludi Florales and it ran from  28th April – 3rd May. Flora was the goddess of flowers. Her name comes from ‘flos’ which means ‘flower’ in Latin. Make a spring flower to wear or put on a picture.

Roman mosiac patterns
Take a look at the floors of the rooms in your house. What are they covered with? You may find carpets, rugs, tiles, wood and vinyl. If you were a rich or important Roman, you may have had a special type of floor covering known as a mosaic. These were made up of small tiles known as ‘Tessarae’ fitted together to form patterns and pictures. Have a go at making your own mosaic pattern.

Hunting with hounds mosaic
Roman people depended on animals for food, to move them around the countryside and provide them with clothing. They used them for war, building and sport. Have some fun by making a mosaic.

Measure like a Roman!
Romans measured things a little bit differently to how we do today, but we still use some of their ideas. Have a go at making your own Roman ruler!

Roman soldier to saint - The story of St George
Create your own knight's helmet or a dragon!

Minerva wordsearch
The Romans worshipped the goddess Minerva at their temple in Aquae Sulis, Bath. See if you can find the words associated with the goddess in this wordsearch.

An egg-citing discovery!
Learn about the story behind the discovery of a teal's egg. Create your own duck design or decorate an egg.

Make a posy basket
In the past people used Bath’s hot springs to cure themselves of diseases. When people bathed in the hot spring they would often carry baskets with posies of flowers in them. The idea was that the smell of the flowers would take away the smell of the many unwashed people who were using the spring! Have a go at creating your own posy basket.

Bath Time Travellers - Weaving
The Romans used wool, linen, cotton and sometimes silk for their clothing. Before the use of spinning wheels, spinning was carried out using a spindle and a whorl. Have a go at weaving an owl hanging or a rainbow!

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