Art Club

Watch our Art Club videos and get creative.

Acanthus Leaf Mobile
Create your own Acanthus Leaf Mobile.

Make a Minerva's Owl
Make your own Minerva's Owl using weaving.

Roman Oscilla
Create your own Roman oscilla - a small hanging disc with a design on both sides.

Pop up Temple
Romans worshipped their gods and goddesses in temples. Have a go at creating your own.

Minerva Helmet
Sulis Minerva was the goddess worshipped in Roman Bath. Let's make her a helmet!

Mosaic Notebook
Romans decorated their floors with mosaics. Large tiles were used to make colourful backgrounds and smaller tiles were used for finer details. Let's use a mosaic to create a notebook.

Gorgon Shield
Have a go at creating your own Gorgon's head shield.

Iron Age Roundhouse
Discover more about the Iron Age and have a go at creating your own roundhouse!

Pig Bookmark
In this week's Art Club activity, make a pig bookmark inspired by the story of Bladud, the mythical founder of the city of Bath.

Owl Card
Create your own pop-up owl card.

Roman Columns
Make your own Roman column inspired by the columns beside the Great Bath.

Roman Oil Lamp
Make your own oil lamp inspired by the clay oil lamps used by the Romans.


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