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Subject to Government guidance, the Roman Baths will reopen on 17 May 2021.

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Coins from the Beau Street Hoard

Beau Street Hoard

The Beau Street Hoard was excavated by archaeologists on the site of the Gainsborough Hotel in Beau Street, Bath in 2007 and is one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries to have been made in Bath.

The Beau Street Hoard is on permanent public display in an interactive exhibit within the People of Aquae Sulis Gallery. The 17,577 Roman coins span the period from 32BC – 274AD and were found in eight separate money bags, which were fused together. In March 2014 Bath & North East Somerset Council was awarded a grant of £372,500 from The Heritage Lottery Fund to purchase the hoard. 

Image: Beau Street Hoard display

Beau Street Hoard talks
If you run or belong to a community or local history group and would like an illustrated talk on the hoard, with an opportunity to handle coins, please contact us on 01225 477773 or email us.

Beau Street Hoard stories
As part of our Beau Street Hoard project we worked with MA Writing for Young People students from Bath Spa University. They wrote four short stories based on this remarkable hoard.

The Temple Trespassers by Alyssa Hollingsworth
Between the Temple and the Baths by Anneka Freeman
Roman Time Travel by Jas Bilan
The Midnight Bell by Sarah Driver

From Rome to Explorium - A poem written by pupils from the Explorium Creative Learning Centre, Somerset.