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Children’s pages

Explore our children’s pages to discover the history of the Roman Baths and life as a Roman in Aquae Sulis. Play games and read stories written by students.

Image: Belator and Apulia who appear on the audioguideSalve! That's 'hello' in Latin!

We are Belator and Apulia and we'll help you to discover more about the Sacred Spring, the Temple of Sulis Minerva and Roman Bathing here in Aquae Sulis, the Roman name for Bath. Try out the children's audioguide when you visit to hear our stories. 

Have fun online with our virtual hoard!

You can join in with the Beau Street Hoard online. Have fun uploading your face and text onto your own Roman coin and share it with your friends.

Play our interactive game, Roman Rush

You are the Aquae Sulis tax collector. Collect the money bags from the five merchants before they spend their denari. Game created by Bath Spa University for the Roman Baths.


Let your imagination overflow

Upload an image of yourself and draw yourself as a Roman with our line drawing game!

Play our Roman Numerals game!

Play our new Know your Numerals game based on the traditional game of bingo. 

Treasure tales

In 2007, 17,577 Roman silver coins were found 60 metres away from the Roman Baths. Creative writing students from Bath Spa University have written stories to explore why the coins were buried 1,700 years ago. You can read them below:

The Temple Trespassers by Alyssa Hollingsworth
Marcus like all Aquae Sulis citizens desires to speak to the goddess Sulis Minerva. However, it is forbidden unless you are a priest. Marcus has been wondering why he was healed and not his sister after her tragic accident and would like this answered. Together, with the help of his sister, they hatch a plan to enter the temple. Will they get there and get their questions answered and finally see the Roman goddess? Read on to find out. 

Between the Temple and the Baths by Anneka Freeman
Troubled Magnius recalls tales told by his Roman father and Celtic mother of the temple. Magnius finds himself by the temple and meets a well-known priest. The priest recognises Magnuis is deeply troubled and guides him to Sulis Minerva to seek answers. 

Roman Time Travel by Jas Bilan
Tony and his class from Claverton Juniors go on a school trip to the Roman Baths. They each take turns to throw in coins and make a wish. Tony goes back in time to when the city of Bath was named Aquae Sulis and meets a Roman boy. Find out what happens and see if Tony makes it back to Bath.

The Midnight Bell by Sarah Driver
Alauna a slave girl bumps into her fellow slave friend Felix. He whisks her off to the temple courtyard to show her the hoard of coins that he has found. They are both confronted by the Haruspex, the great priest Memor. The haruspex gives the children till the midnight bell to find silver to spare their lives. Will they find the silver or face their fate?

The Curse of Sulis by Julie Pike
Felix is a slave for a powerful family. Brutus, the master’s son is very ill at the fault of Felix. Felix scribed on a curse tablet to Sulis Minerva to teach Brutus a lesson for being mean to him and now Brutus is on his deathbed. Felix decided to sneak into the temple to steal back the curse. However, he finds that two robbers have stolen all of the money and curse tablets in the sacred spring. Will he get the curse tablet back from Minerva and will the treasure be rescued?

Jim Jones & Jupiter, King of the Gods by Finbar Hawkins
Jim Jones is visiting the Roman Bath’s with his Mum. Jim discovers the Beau Street Hoard and is fascinated. An old man informs him of the mystery of the story. It is not known who or how the coins were put in the discovery site. Jim and the old man travel back in time to place the eight bags of coins there. 

The Bounty of Sulis Minerva by Madeleine Woosnam
Two slave sisters Freyja and Ginevra serve a powerful family and are regularly beaten. They long to be free so hatch a plan to go to the sacred spring and steal coins so they are able to survive on their own. Will the plan work? 

King Edward VI school visit to the Roman Baths

After a school visit to the Roman Baths, students were asked to pick an object from the collection and write a creative piece or report. Lila produced an excellent story and it is based on one of the curse tablets which were thrown into the Sacred Spring. You can read Lila's story here.

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