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In line with the latest Government advice, the Roman Baths will be closed from Thursday 31 December 2020 until further notice. Please read more here.

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Children taking part in an education session

Children's work

The Roman Baths video by Bath Young Carers

Watch this fun animation video made by young carers from Bath Carers' Centre using their Roman inspired characters that they created after visiting the Roman Baths.

Leaflets from Moorlands Schools Federation

These leaflets were made by children in year 3 Rabbit and Hedgehog classes, at Moorlands Schools Federation in Bath.  They visited with their class and did some writing work.  The aim of their work was to produce a leaflet a bit like you would get in a museum or heritage site.  The children included pictures, a map, prices, things you shouldn’t miss on a visit such as Minerva’s head, audioguide information and also a bit about tasting the spa water!

Here are some ideas from their work!

Do you want to have an amazing experience of being a famous Roman then come to the Roman Baths. 

Not only can you walk among the extensive ruins but you can also explore many treasures in the interactive museum with visual snippets that transport you back to Roman times.

…If you pass any of these buildings you will know straightaway that you are close to the Roman Baths.  But be aware don’t visit any of those buildings on the way.  The Roman Baths are the best.

There are lots of fun activities to do like sit by the water, draw pictures, hold artefacts, dress up and read facts.  Lots of people already come to the Roman Baths and so will you!

After your exploration we invite you to take a sip of the spa water in the Pump Room, which is included in the admission price.  Containing 42 minerals and to have healing this is a unique opportunity to get a real taste (literally!) of Roman Bath.  If that doesn’t take your fancy then opt for afternoon tea!

It seems that they enjoyed their trip, liked handling Roman artefacts and did some great writing back at school!

Ella-Rose's model of the Roman Baths

Ella-Rose and her family recently visited the Roman Baths and this inspired Ella-Rose to create a model of the Roman Baths, complete with people in suitable attire made out of fimo! We think it is great and thought you might like to see it.

Click the link to download the video roman baths video
Download a PDF about Ella-Rose's model

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