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Children taking part in a craft activity

Children's work

The Roman Baths video by Bath Young Carers

Watch this fun animation video made by young carers from Bath Carers' Centre using their Roman inspired characters that they created after visiting the Roman Baths.


Science Busking at the Roman Baths

We asked some local people to get involved in our science event for British Science Week in March 2016.  This short films tells the story of their work.


Ella-Rose's model of the Roman Baths
Ella-Rose and her family recently visited the Roman Baths and this inspired Ella-Rose to create a model of the Roman Baths, complete with people in suitable attire made out of fimo! We think it is great and thought you might like to see it.

Click the link to download the video roman baths video
Download a PDF about Ella-Rose's model

Roman Baths model
This model was made by the children in Hedgehog class, years 3 and 4, at Moorlands Schools Federation in Bath based on a picture by John Ronayne and a visit to the Roman Baths. The aims were to reinforce learning about the Romans, to encourage team work and to enjoy craft.

Image: Roman Baths model made by Moorlands Schools Federation









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