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Children meeting a Roman soldier

Costumed characters

Meet our colourful costumed characters every day at the Roman Baths. Some of them feature on the award-winning children’s audioguide, and you can also meet them in the flesh.

Costumed interpreters are in action from 10am to 5pm daily and also in the evening in summer. On any one day you might meet the Roman soldier and armourer, or Flavia and Apulia, our Roman lady and slave girl, or Sulinus and Brucetus who are stonemasons, or the priest Gaius Calpernius Receptus and a travelling merchant named Peregrinus. 

Image: Children with costumed characters

These characters are based on real people who lived and worked at Aquae Sulis 2,000 years ago. Their stories have been reconstructed from evidence found here on site at the Roman Baths, which you can often see in the museum displays during your visit.

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