Costumed characters

Children and adults will love chatting to our Roman characters and learning about their lives.

Their knowledge about Roman life and ability to stay in character is captivating and sometimes very amusing. Just what will a Roman Centurion think if you high-five his slave?

They are not just making it up either! The characters are based on real people who lived and worked at Aquae Sulis 2000 years ago. Their stories have been reconstructed from evidence found here on site at the Roman Baths.

On any one day you might meet the Roman solider and armourer, or Flavia and Apulia our Roman lady and slave girl, or Sulinus and Brucetus who are stonemasons, or the priest Gaius Calpernius Receptus and a travelling merchant named Peregrinus. 

Make your visit come alive and immerse yourself in the Roman world by meeting our colourful costumed characters every day at the Roman Baths from 10am-5pm.

“The best part are the folks re-enacting characters from the period. My favourite? A young man selling various trade goods who was enthusiastically extolling the virtues of Portuguese urine.” - via TripAdvisor

“There were some men dressed up as Romans. Who you can take photos with, from the moment that they start taking to you to when they finish they are constantly in character and you can't possibly catch them out.” - via TripAdvisor

“The roman characters were fantastic, especially the lady by the main baths talking about her makeup, very fun and informative.” - via TripAdvisor

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