‘Springs Sumptuously Equipped’: The Waters of Roman Bath

22 September 2022
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
With Dr Eleri Cousins - Part of our online Roman Baths Lecture Series.
Image: The Sacred Spring
The Sacred Spring

This talk explores perceptions and use of the sacred spring waters at Roman Bath (Aquae Sulis). The story begins, not in the Roman period, but with the more modern history of the Bath waters, examining how 18th and 19th century use of the waters for healing has shaped our current understanding of their role in the Roman period, in particular the concept of Aquae Sulis as a healing sanctuary. 

Eleri will go on to talk about how much of the votive deposition at the sacred spring should be understood as using the waters to harness and control feelings of loss or decay, and that this use is linked to a chthonic perception of the spring and the goddess Sulis Minerva, a perception seen in other aspects of ritual practice at the sanctuary. 

This is an online talk. You will receive a link after you have made a booking. Tickets £5 per person. Please book by following the link below. 


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