GCSE and A Level | The Roman Baths

All tickets to the Roman Baths must be booked online in advance. We are continuing to operate with additional safety measures, including asking everyone to wear face masks indoors and social distancing, to keep visitors and staff safe. Please read our COVID-19 safety measures in advance of your visit.

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Children on a school visit

GCSE and A Level

During COVID-19 we have an active virtual school programme which is closely linked to the national curriculum whilst also inspiring young people to develop as independent learners.

At the moment we are not taking bookings, even provisional ones, for group visits to the Museum. We are keeping this policy under constant review and will amend as circumstances and government advice change around social distancing.

We look forward to welcoming groups back as soon as we can.  Below you can see what we are normally able to offer.

Welcome to Aquae Sulis

A 1-hour session for Latin and Classical Civilization students. The session includes artefact handling, and a presentation on the site and the people who came here.

Latin and Classics resources for teachers

We have been working with Anne Dicks from Malvern St James School to prepare resources for use in the classroom, on-site at the Roman Baths and for follow-up projects. These resources can be downloaded below.

Latin Qvarter AD61

The Latin Qvarter AD61 is a DVD which has recreated a realistic idea of people speaking Latin in ancient Rome. A part of the DVD was filmed at the Roman Baths, Bath and it was created by George Sharpley who has already produced "Essential Latin" (Routledge). It includes:

  • optional Latin/English subtitles
  • texts and support via the website
  • running time of 18 minutes

Find out more or purchase a copy here.  

GCSE Local Study CD Resource Pack

The presentations on the CD are maps, images and text sources. They are intended to be used primarily by GCSE students preparing for (local) historical enquiry-based controlled assessments about the Roman Baths and Bath. Please email us for a copy.

Managing and Marketing the Roman Baths

A 1-hour talk about the behind-the-scenes side of the Roman Baths. Participants will learn about managing and marketing one of the top visitor attractions in the country. Students will learn about our customers and how we appeal to UK and overseas markets.

Work experience placements are offered from age 16 years. All placements are unpaid and are subject to availability and an interview. We welcome teachers’ visits and can accommodate risk assessments as required. Please email us for information.

Medicine Through Time Trail

This trail provides an ideal starting-point for all of the different Medicine Through Time GCSE syllabi. Many of the ideas about medicine that the Romans developed, such as Germ Theory and Public Health, have carried through to the present-day. Download the Medicine Through Time Trail here. Teachers can also download a crib sheet.

History Around Us Trail

The Roman Baths are the perfect choice for the OCR GCSE History B 'History Around Us' unit. The site is a permissable option for all schools as it is ancient and therefore does not overlap with any of the other units. This trail is designed to highlight not only how the Romans used this site, but also the attitudes of later periods. Download the History Around Us Trail here. Teachers can also download a crib sheet.

How to unlock the history around us with OCR

One of the unique features of the OCR SHP History Specification is the ability for you to be relatively free to make an individual choice for the site you study. Choose the city of Bath as your case study. Find out more on the OCR website.

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