Key Stages 3 & 4 | The Roman Baths

All tickets to the Roman Baths must be booked online in advance. We are continuing to operate with additional safety measures, including asking everyone to wear face masks indoors and social distancing, to keep visitors and staff safe. Please read our COVID-19 safety measures in advance of your visit.

Image: Pupils at a science session around the Great Bath Image: Pupils at a science session around the Great Bath Show image info

Pupils at a science session around the Great Bath

Key Stages 3 & 4

During COVID-19 we have an active virtual school programme which is closely linked to the national curriculum whilst also inspiring young people to develop as independent learners.

At the moment we are not taking bookings, even provisional ones, for group visits to the Museum. We are keeping this policy under constant review and will amend as circumstances and government advice change around social distancing.

We look forward to welcoming groups back as soon as we can.  Below you can see what we are normally able to offer.

Romans Revisited 

The observation, investigation and handling of artefacts and sources offers pupils the chance to explore Roman bathing and Roman life at this historic site. This also encourages them to make important links to their own lives today. This session allows pupils to build upon key skills, such as evaluation and interpretation, as well as encouraging them to come to well-reasoned conclusions based on analysis of evidence.

Looking at the Roman Baths through the eyes of a historian

The Roman Baths are a great place to look at key skills as identified in the History National Curriculum. Download this trail to explore six of the key skills and also to develop knowledge and understanding of the Romans. An answer sheet is available here to download separately.

Welcome to Aquae Sulis 

A 1 hour session for Latin and Classical Civilisation students. The session includes a presentation on the site and the people who came here, and artefact handling. 

Latin and Classics resources - We have been working with Anne Dicks from Malvern St James School to prepare resources for use in the classroom, on-site at the Roman Baths and for follow-up projects. These resources can be downloaded here.

Science and the Environment at the Roman Baths - The Hot Springs of Bath

Look at science and the environment with us at the Roman Baths. Several activities can be done in one visit and there is a challenge for everyone. There are also teacher information packs to accompany the activities. The activities include:

Download a copy of the activity above and enjoy finding out about science and the environment. Schools can borrow data loggers or a flow meter from us with enough advance notice or bring along a data logger from school. Contact our Learning team.

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