Faces of the hoardings - Meet Lauren | The Roman Baths

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Faces of the hoardings - Meet Lauren

The hoarding is up around the Archway Project site with pictures and explanations on what's to come. We have asked some of the people featured to do a short Q&A with us! Our next person is Lauren, who worked on a research assignment about the Archway Project while she studied at Bath Spa University.

30 April 2020

1. What was your involvement in the Archway Project during your studies at Bath Spa University?
In 2017, my second year Bath Spa University heritage group were introduced to the Archway Project as a part of a research assignment. We worked with the Roman Baths and Bath Record Office to find and collate information about the old Victorian Spa on Swallow Street.

This involved finding old photographs of the treatments and facilities the spa had to offer, as well as maps of Bath to see how the city evolved over the years.

In our third year we were tasked with bringing this information to life through a digital medium of our choice. After thorough research into the different digital platforms on offer, our group pitched the idea and development of a website.

My main role throughout the third-year process was on the marketing of our website. I created and managed social media accounts that went alongside the website too.

2. What are you most looking forward to about the World Heritage and Clore Learning Centre?
This is a difficult one. I can’t choose, there is so much to be excited about. Personally, it would be great to see the way various groups of people interact with the new space, the schools in particular. I am actually quite envious of the school groups getting to try their hands at archaeology! I think the ‘investigation zone’ is going to be a big hit with the kids.

But I am also super interested to see how the future of Bath unfolds based on the World Heritage Centre. Bath is so rich in its history, so it has been really fulfilling to uncover and share a more personal side to the city through the Victorian Spa stories we collated.

3. Where is your favourite place to go in Bath?
There’s a really small memorial garden in Henrietta Park, just off of Pulteney Bridge. I used to go there and read when I probably should have been revising. It’s not on the same grandiose scale as the Royal Crescent, or lives up to the beauty of the botanical gardens in Royal Victoria Park, but I love the character and atmosphere of the space.

4. What are your plans for this year?
2020 is all about books, positivity and food for me. Travel is another big one. I love learning and experiencing other cultures. Now I’m in the real life “adult world” I should probably get a better culinary skillset because I don’t think my student diet of pesto pasta makes the cut!

While in my third year at university I felt like anything I did that was unrelated to my degree or assignments were distractions. Now that I’ve finally finished I feel like I can enjoy a good book again and not feel guilty! My involvement in this project has been very impactful on me personally. It’s led me into project work post-graduation and I definitely want to get more involved with heritage organisations and events this year.