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Roman Baths Energy Capture Project

Learn more about our energy capture project.

14 August 2019

  1. What is the Energy Capture Project? A scheme to heat the Pump Room, Roman Baths, Clore Learning Centre and the new World Heritage Centre for Bath from spa water. It replaces a much smaller scheme installed in 1993.
  1. How will heat be extracted? Through coils inserted in the King’s Spring and the use of heat pumps.
  1. Will the coils be visible? No, they will be deep below the surface.
  1. How long will the equipment last? 25 years.
  1. How much CO2 will the scheme save?  850 tonnes over a 25-year period (34 tonnes a year).
  1. How much money will the scheme save? £500,000 (£20,000 a year)
  1. How long will it take to payback the original cost? 13 years.
  1. Is there a government grant? There is no grant towards the installation of equipment, however there is a renewable heat incentive payable over 20 years based on the energy generated. We forecast that this will total £400,000.
  1. What is the capital investment made by the Council? £350,000.
  1. What does 850 tonnes of CO2 look like? 380,000,000 cans of Coca Cola (2.2 grammes  per can).That’s a lot of fizz!

Practical matters:

  1. What is the timetable? Working from August 2019 to March 2020.
  1. Will there be a contractor’s compound? No.
  1. Will it affect the Christmas Market? No.
  1. Will it affect the supply of spa water to the Pump Room for drinking or to Thermae Bath Spa for bathing? No.
  1. Will it be noisy? We do not expect noise to be an issue.
  1. Will there be a lot of deliveries in the city centre? Normal shop trading hours will be avoided. Deliveries will be in the early morning or evening.
  1. Will there be any archaeological work? Yes, in an underground vault where a plant room will be formed. Public access to this will not be possible.
  1. Will it be possible to see the work in progress? Most of the work will be in vaults beneath the Pump Room and Roman Baths and access will not be possible. The water level in the Spring will be lowered for a few days and this will be visible from the Pump Room and the Roman Baths.
  1. Will the project be affected by other projects in the city centre? We meet regularly with other current projects and the BID (Bath Improvement District) to avoid clashes or conflicts between projects.
  1. How will we know what’s going on? We will issue occasional press releases and there may be some interest from local radio or tv companies. There will be occasional tweets on the Roman Baths twitter feed and updates in the Roman Baths and the Discovery Card e-newsletters.