What is a Visitor Experience Host? | The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is currently closed but we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Please read here for further information.

What is a Visitor Experience Host?

21 April 2020

Hi, my name is Michael and I work at the world famous Roman Baths in the beautiful World Heritage City of Bath. I work with sixty colleagues and together we are known as the Visitor Experience Team. It is our job to ensure that our visitors have a fantastic visit from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. Through our training we have developed a set of skills that allow us to make an ordinary visit into an extraordinary visit.

Last year we welcomed 1.2 million visitors from all over the world. This can and does present challenges - our job is to meet those challenges and smooth the visitor journey through our amazing attraction.

We mostly work seven hour shifts with staggered starting times. We wear a distinctive blue uniform and our day will start with a team briefing highlighting things we need to know that are happening on site during the day. We work to a rota of particular duties generally in half hour slots. Some are one hour and ticket sale operations can be three hours. During a typical day our work will cover all of the following:

  • Engaging with visitors in the museum and around the Great Bath
  • Greeting visitors and groups at the main entrance
  • Selling tickets and guidebooks
  • Handing out audioguides
  • Assisting visitors with special needs
  • We are all trained to provide an interesting and engaging free guided tour of the Great Bath and its associated areas
  • We engage with our visitors as they depart and encourage them to visit our fantastic shop

We are all approachable, knowledgable, polite and always ready with a warm welcome and a smile.

I have been on the team for six years. It is a fantastic workplace and I work with a great team. I am looking forward to returning to work when our amazing site reopens.

Meanwhile, I am keeping busy with work related research, together with my partner doing our ‘one bit’ of exercise a day and tackling all those jobs in the house and garden that have been on a ‘to do’ list but have never got done! Above all I am keeping positive and looking forward to better times ahead.

When the temporary closure of the Roman Baths ends all of us on the team look forward to welcoming you to the Roman Baths.

Read Michael's tour of the Great Bath or listen to the audio file!