Work placement summary with Laura and Saffron | The Roman Baths

Work placement summary with Laura and Saffron

Laura and Saffron recently completed work placements with us here at the Roman Baths. Read on to find out about their experiences.

15 May 2019


Laura's summary

Working at the Roman Baths has been a wonderful experience. One of my main aims when I chose the Roman Baths to do my placement was to learn as much as possible about the Romans and their history here in Bath. I can definitely say I have learnt everything I need to know and more. My placement here lasted 2 weeks, and most days we had the opportunity to see a tour around the Roman Baths. Each day it was a different member of staff giving the tour, seeing as everyone has their own unique way of doing the tour we got to learn something new every day. I worked with so many lovely people throughout these weeks and they all helped and taught me how to do the job as best as I could.

One of the things I really enjoyed is the fact that we got to swap shifts every half an hour, so that kept me on edge and active all the time. This also motivated me to do my job as best as possible because I knew that in 30 minutes I would do a completely different job.

There were so many jobs I was able to do. One of my favourite jobs was welcoming customers into the museum, in my case I got the opportunity to give out the welcome speech and health and safety information. This helped me experience what it feels like to speak to a big group of people. Now I know I am confident enough to do so this means I could take a job in the future which involves public speaking.

Bath Assist was an amazing job simply because I was able to enjoy the view of the Great Bath right in front of me, plus I was there to help and conserve it as much as possible. I did this by making sure no one was standing or sitting on top of the monuments. Here I also had to make sure no one touched or drank from the water. I would say I was quite confident on bringing people's attention to the importance of not touching the water and sitting on the monunents. One of the only things I didn’t like on this job was the fact that some people found it a bit embarrassing when I told them kindly not to do these things, but I know the importance of taking care of the Great Bath so this is necessary.

In general my experience at the Roman Baths has been amazing. I got to know so many lovely people and learnt so many things that I wanted to know about the Roman Baths. I definitely got a lot of experience working in a museum and with customer service, which I will be able to use in the future. The Roman Baths would definitely be an option for me in the future if I ever needed a job here in Bath.

Saffron's summary

During the two weeks of work experience at the Roman Baths I learnt about each part of the job roles that a full time employee would be doing.

One of the first roles is greet. As work experience this was a great way of being able to find out about the key health and safety which we need to be aware of throughout the whole of the museum. What I enjoyed about this task is the interaction with both coach and school groups.  All of the sessions are in 30 minutes slots which is also great because time goes by quicker and I never got bored doing any of the tasks..

Issue was my favourite task to do because it was very fast and there was always lots to do, especially with big groups. Working on issue was also enjoyable because you feel a part of the team because you are finding out who’s coming in and how many audio guides they need. Throughout my two weeks working on issue you can really tell that everyone who works here really get along together and work well as a team.

During my work experience I wish I had got the opportunity to sit in on one of the teaching sessions and to go on one of the underground tours because I was very curious about them. Sitting in on one of the school teaching sessions would have been interesting, especially because of the Learning Centre that will be opening next year as part of the Archway Project.

The day trips were also a key part of making the work experience fun because we got to see other attractions around Bath like the Fashion Museum and Victoria Art Gallery, as well as the city walking tour which was fascinating because even though I’m from Bath I didn't know a lot of the facts they taught us about. Also, it was good to have time to listen to the audioguides both in adult and children’s form when having to answer questions about the history because we got some background information from them.

Overall my time here at the Roman Baths was so wonderful, all of the staff were so friendly and helpful. You can tell that everyone who works here is extremely passionate about their job. Working in the museum has also given me loads of experience working with customers and has helped me develop lots of skills from communication to time management and many more.