Writer in residence at the Roman Baths | The Roman Baths

Writer in residence at the Roman Baths

Every evening from 5 to 18 August, the public will have a chance to see Writer in Residence Christine Finn at work in the Roman Baths museum.

2 August 2019

Christine will be working beside the Temple Pediment on her biography of celebrated archaeologist and writer Jacquetta Hawkes (1910-1996).

The residency is timely as 5 August would have been Jacquetta’s birthday.

Christine has been working on the biography since rescuing Jacquetta's papers and manuscripts after her death in 1996.

She says, "Concluding the biography under public gaze is apt as Jacquetta was the public face of archaeology in Britain; I'd like to think she'd approve."

I'd welcome discussion with visitors, and her fans - and critics. There'll be a wall of photos and a timeline for those new to her work. And please bring along her books for a dig into their context!"