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A Resident's Discovery Card

Resident's Discovery Card

The Discovery Card allows local residents free entry to the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum and Victoria Art Gallery and many other places in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

Resident's Discovery Card

If you are a resident of Bath & North East Somerset you are entitled to a Resident's Discovery Card. It will give you free admission to the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum and Victoria Art Gallery and a discount at the restaurant in the Pump Room and Roman Baths Kitchen. The card also gives a range of discounts on admission charges as well as other concessions at a host of other museums and attractions in the Bath & North East Somerset area and beyond! Click here to find out where you can use your card.

If you are not eligible for a Discovery Card you might like to purchase an Annual Pass. It gives you unlimited entry to the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum Bath and Victoria Art Gallery for one year.