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Image: Children dressed up in togas Image: Children dressed up in togas Show image info

Children dressed up in togas

Roman Baths Clore Learning Centre

The project will provide a new state-of-the-art Clore Learning Centre at the Roman Baths.

Why is a learning centre needed?

The current Roman Baths education facility consists of just one room within the museum. It is too small for up to date learning requirements, lacks the facilities that schools expect to find at a major visitor attraction and is often booked to capacity. The new learning centre will provide the full breadth of facilities required for a school to get the most out of their visit, in revived former Victorian spa buildings.  

Image: The current education facility

What will happen in the new learning centre?

In the new learning centre, school groups will be able to take advantage of a range of new interactive learning sessions. Children will dress as Romans, handle original artefacts, investigate Roman building technology and find out about the inscriptions the Romans left behind. They will also have the chance to try archaeology, excavating replica Roman objects in an underground ‘investigation zone’. They will then walk in an underground tunnel amongst in-situ Roman remains to enter the Roman Baths through a Roman doorway.  

Image: Artist's impression of the Investigation Zone

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