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Bath & North East Somerset Council is committed to addressing the causes and effects of climate change and is a Beacon Council for Waste

The Roman Baths seeks to become ever more sustainable and to reduce its carbon footprint:

  • We use energy from the hot spring to heat our buildings.
  • New flood-lighting of the Great Bath in 2007 reduced energy consumption by 60%.
  • LED lighting was installed on the Terrace and Reception Hall in 2009 to replace less efficient lighting.
  • Energy-efficient lighting was introduced to the museum at each phase of the development plan.
  • Better switches, low energy bulbs and good housekeeping have reduced energy use.
  • Our conservation processes use reversible techniques.
  • We use ethically-sourced tea and coffee in the Pump Room.
  • We use local ingredients as much as possible in our cooking.
  • We are committed to recycling.
  • Our shops use recyclable paper bags and 100% biodegradable carrier bags.
  • By law we charge 5p for all single use plastic bags. The aim is to reduce the use of plastic bags and the litter associated with them. All proceeds go to the Roman Baths Foundation.

Download A Sustainable Roman Baths document here

Image: Recycling at the Roman Baths