Building Roman Britain | The Roman Baths

Building Roman Britain

This video describes a research project that is finding out about the source of stone and tile used in the construction of the Roman Baths and Temple site in Bath and Fishbourne Roman Palace in Sussex.

We hope to identify particular stone quarries or kiln sites used by tracing the chemical signatures of the materials and see how these sources changed over time. It will give information not just about construction at the specific sites, but also help us to build a picture of how these industries were organised in the wider context of Roman Britain.

The research project uses a new technology called portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF), which has the potential to be used very widely in archaeology.

The first results described here are promising and will be reported to a research seminar at the Roman Baths in the autumn at which ways of taking the project forward will be discussed. Come back in December to read about its conclusions.

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