Heated Rooms and Plunge Pools | The Roman Baths

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The Circular Bath

Heated Rooms and Plunge Pools

See the cold circular plunge pool which is brought to life with animated projections, and the hot rooms which were heated in Roman times using the hypocaust system.

The western range of baths includes a sequence of pools and heated rooms with good surviving hypocaust pilae showing how their heating system would have worked. The cold circular plunge pool is 1.6 metres deep, and just looking at it makes you shiver!

A film of lifesize bathers is projected on to the walls of the Circular Bath, to show how it was probably used in Roman times. The 'shows' occur every few minutes and last about 90 seconds.

The original arched Roman viewing windows link the Circular Bath to the Spring in the King's Bath.

Image: Hypocaust