Spa Water Fountain | The Roman Baths
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Visitors trying the Spa water

Spa Water Fountain

Taste the famous spa water, containing 43 minerals, which for centuries has attracted visitors to Bath for curative purposes.

Spa water has been used for curative purposes for two thousand years. Originally treatments involved bathing in the hot waters, then in the late 17th Century drinking spa water also came to be a recognised treatment for certain conditions. Today we use the hot spa water to heat the Roman Baths and Pump Room site in winter.

Click here for a full list of the minerals and elements in the water. Visitors can taste the water from a spa fountain in the west baths, or alternatively from the traditional fountain in the Georgian Pump Room above.

For further information on the geology of the hot springs you may be interested to read Dr Rameus Gallois' paper entitled The Geology of the Hot Springs at Bath Spa, Somerset