The Collection

The Roman Baths collection contains thousands of archaeological finds from pre-Roman and Roman Britain. In this section, find out how the site has changed over the last 2000 years and discover some of the amazing objects in the collection.
Image: Temple pediment
Image: Coins from the Beau Street Hoard
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Coins from the Beau Street Hoard

The Beau Street Hoard was excavated by archaeologists on the site of the Gainsborough Hotel in Beau Street, Bath in 2007 and is one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries to have been made in Bath.

The Beau Street Hoard is on permanent public display in an interactive exhibit within the People of Aquae Sulis Gallery. The 17,660 Roman coins span the period from 32BC – 274AD and were found in eight separate money bags, which were fused together.

In 2014 Bath & North East Somerset Council was awarded grants by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Headley Trust, the V&A purchase grant fund and several other major donors to help acquire the hoard. This also helped to create new displays, improve access and deliver a huge public engagement programme including roadshows with local communities, children’s sleepovers and more than 60 talks and lectures.

Image: Beau Street Hoard display
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Beau Street Hoard display
Image: Curse tablets
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Curse tablets

Find out more about the site and how it has changed over the last 2000 years. View stunning computer animations of the Roman temple and bathing complex.

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