Working with communities

Image: World Heritage Day
Image: World Heritage Day

We work with local community groups at the Roman Baths, exploring connections with the past and present.

Our service enables people who cannot easily visit our sites to experience the museum and its objects through handling sessions in your setting and online engagement programmes.

If you would like to know more about our community programme, or explore ways in which in which we can work with you, please contact us.

Day School

In February 2022 we were joined by George Sharpley for a special activity looking at ancient myths known to us from the master storyteller - Ovid.  We spent a day sampling these extraordinary tales in English – but heard some Latin too.

Image: Day school with George Sharpley

Programme with the Prince's Trust

Over the next few months we will be playing host to the Prince's Trust, who will be using the Roman Baths as a base for their next cohort of members! The activities on offer will include handling coins and artefacts, discovering the types of jobs in the museum sector and more.

Image: Prince's Trust group visiting the Roman Baths

Bath City Waits practice with their Bristol counterparts

The groups got together to play music from the medieval and Renaissance periods using replica instruments of the time. Watch a video clip of their performance.

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