The Roman Gym

Image: Roman pavements around the Great Bath
Image: Roman pavements around the Great Bath

Discover a new attraction at the Roman Baths later this year; the Roman Gym. Journey back in time and walk amongst newly excavated remains, never-before seen by the public!

On 22 October 2021 the Roman Baths will be opening a new part of the archaeological site: The Roman Gym. This area will take you into the courtyard where ancient visitors worked out to keep fit and healthy prior to heading into the Baths themselves.

The Gym contains:

  • The remains of an ancient sauna (a laconicum)
  • The remains of the paved courtyard the Romans would have used  
  • One of the best preserved doorways from Roman Britain.

In this new area, visitors will be able to see and hear:

  • Projections showing Romans and the exercises they would have done in this area.
  • Audio commentary explaining Roman exercises and their attitude to health and medicine.

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