Roman Baths, Bath – Welcome to the Roman Baths

Your experiences

  • This is a must see for visitors to Bath. This shows the history of the Roman occupation of this city and it is a beautiful place to visit. You have to pay an admission fee, but it is well worth it.

    Visitor from Ohio, USA - TripAdvisor, 2017-03

  • Must go. The history. The Romans. The structure. The activities then. The explanation and bits of well arranged and prepared history for kids and another set for adults were brilliant. Anyway, in short, must go.

    Visitor from UK - TripAdvisor, 2016-11

  • We spent almost 2 hours visiting the baths and it was an excellent experience. Everything was well organised, well displayed and very informative. Well worth the admission price.

    Visitor from UK - TripAdvisor, 2017-03