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Image: Projection in the museum
Image: Projection in the museum

Interpreting Aquae Sulis – Evidence of Roman Daily Life

Our new session for 2021! This session for Key Stage 3 introduces students to a wide range of historical sources, including Roman artefacts, that will enable them to describe, analyse and evaluate arguments for and against the interpretation: ‘Aquae Sulis was a typical Roman town. To what extent do you agree?’ Sources will cover ‘Roman Bathing’ and ‘Town Life’ as well as ‘Travel and Trade’, asking students to examine and interpret the sources in order to reach a judgement based on the evidence presented.


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Looking at the Roman Baths through the eyes of a historian

The Roman Baths are a great place to look at key skills as identified in the History National Curriculum. Download this trail to explore six of the key skills and also to develop knowledge and understanding of the Romans. An answer sheet is available here to download separately.

Understanding Aquae Sulis – Bathing & Belief in a Roman Town

Updated for 2021! This popular session for Key Stage 3 and 4 explores the variety of Latin inscriptions from the tombstones and altars found in Aquae Sulis. Students will collaborate and share ideas as they decipher more about the lives of the people behind the language. The session also includes the opportunity to handle Roman artefacts associated with the layout and function of the bathhouse and the settlement of Aquae Sulis as a whole.

Latin and Classics resources - We have been working with Anne Dicks from Malvern St James School to prepare resources for use in the classroom, on-site at the Roman Baths and for follow-up projects. These resources can be downloaded here.

Science and the Environment - The Hot Springs of Bath

Look at science and the environment with us at the Roman Baths. Several activities can be done in one visit and there is a challenge for everyone. There are also teacher information packs to accompany the activities. The activities include:


Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 


Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 

Surface area and volume

Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 


Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 

Renewable resources

Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 

Chemical and physical changes

Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Guide 

Minerva Challenge

Download the Activities Pack and Teacher's Pack 


Schools can borrow data loggers or a flow meter from us with enough advance notice or bring along a data logger from school. Contact our Learning team.

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