Pump Room Restaurant

Image: Champagne afternoon tea
Image: Champagne afternoon tea

Our stunning neo-classical restaurant has been the social heart of Bath for more than two centuries, and boasts amongst its previous patrons Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.

Take a seat and enjoy a delicious meal and sample the spa water from the fountain. You’ll also be serenaded by our Pump Room Trio or resident pianist.


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Spa water fountain

During your visit to the Pump Room you can try the hot spa water at the fountain. It contains 43 minerals and has a rather unusual taste! 

Spa water has been used for curative purposes for two thousand years. Originally treatments involved bathing in the hot waters, then in the late 17th Century drinking spa water also came to be a recognised treatment for certain conditions. Today we use the hot spa water to heat the Roman Baths and Pump Room site in winter.

Image: Spa water fountain
Pump Room Trio

Founded as the Pump Room Orchestra by Master of Ceremonies Beau Nash in the 1700s, the group is believed to be the longest-established resident ensemble in Europe. The Pump Room Trio or pianist plays every day to add to your enjoyment while dining. 

The members of the Trio are – Violin: Lucy Hewson, Cello: Matthew Gresswell, Piano: Imogen Windsor.

Image: The members of the Pump Room Trio

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