Science and Maths at the Roman Baths

Learn about Roman history and try the Great Roman Britain Challenge.

Measure like a Roman!
Romans measured things a little bit differently to how we do today, but we still use some of their ideas. Have a go at making your own Roman ruler!

Science at the Roman Baths booklet
The Romans used science in every aspect of their lives. Follow in their footsteps and be a Roman science detective! Download the activity booklet to try our water wordsearch, Roman numeral sudoku and more.

The Great Roman Britain Challenge
Welcome to the Great Roman Britain Challenge! Have a go at our challenging puzzles to complete a map of Britain under Roman rule. You will need to use your geography, maths and history skills, and it might be helpful to have an atlas or access to Google Maps.

Challenge 1 - Beginners

Challenge 2 - Maths and Geography Fans

Roman numeral trail
Learn all about Roman numerals as you explore the historic site.

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