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Image: Sulis Minerva
Image: Sulis Minerva

Our study facilities allow you to take a closer look at particular objects and areas of Roman history.

Get in touch to discuss your options for research enquiries. Please note that all requests for appointments should be made at least one week in advance. 


Get in touch with our Collections team.

Image: Roman objects from the collection
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Roman objects from the collection
Study Collection

Our collections include thousands of items that have been dug up during archaeological excavations and some are simply not suitable to put on display. We carefully record them and store them so that people can come to look at them when they have an enquiry. We also have a range of local history objects and photographs in our stores.

Image: Roman coins
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Roman coins
Identification at the Roman Baths

Found something of archaeological or local historical interest?

Get in touch and we may be able to identify it for you free of charge. However, please be aware that we cannot give valuations.

So that we can identify your object, please be aware that we may ask you to leave your object while we make further enquiries. Should this be necessary we will issue you an official receipt and agree a collection time.

If you think you have found something that is covered by the Treasure Act of 1996 you have a duty to report it to the Coroner. We can advise you and the Coroner on its identification and significance.

Image: Temple pediment
Advice for students

Studying Roman history? Our expert team may be able to help you with your studies.

  • If you have an object-based dissertation or course of study we can give you access by appointment to our reserve collection which contains objects and site archives from many archaeological sites in Bath & North East Somerset.
  • If you have an interest in a local history topic we may have relevant objects or records.
  • Our staff have considerable expertise and may be able to draw your attention to relevant publications or to the existence of original sources that you are unaware of.
  • We may be able to direct you to other relevant museum collections or record depositories.
  • For travel and tourism students we can send you some basic statistical information about our site.

However, we cannot provide you with photocopies or write your dissertation.

Image: Curse tablets
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Curse tablets
What's in our collection?
  • Prehistoric material, including the Bronze Age Monkswood hoard and Mesolithic flints from the King’s Spring.
  • Roman objects from the Temple of Sulis Minerva, the baths, and all discoveries within Bath.
  • Archaeological material and related archives of all periods from Bath and North East Somerset excavated by archaeological units. We also have Bath Archaeological Trust’s archives dating from the 1960s.
  • Spa equipment from the Treatment Centre in Bath (which closed in 1976) and other bathing sites in the City, as well as an oral history archive about the Spa.
  • Coins, tokens and medals, including items from Bath’s Saxon Mint and Georgian Bath.
  • Social history items from Bath.
  • A photographic collection: specifically pictures of the site, archaeological record photographs and early views of Somerset, mainly Bath.
  • Antique furniture including furniture in Heritage Services buildings and the Thomas Tompion clock in the Pump Room.
  • A small collection of Mediterranean material (mainly pottery) donated by local people.

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